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Welcome to our documents page, where you’ll find essential resources reflecting our organisational aims and long-term sustainability. Explore key documents to gain insights into our vision and initiatives.

Organisational Structure

As stewards of our region’s rich aviation heritage, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the stories of our past for the benefit of future generations. Our organisational structure reflects our commitment to professionalism, collaboration, and community engagement. As we continue to expand and evolve, so too will our team, ensuring that we remain agile and responsive to the needs of our community and the challenges of the future.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan outlines our vision, goals, and key priorities as we embark on our journey to establish a dynamic aviation museum in South Australia’s Limestone Coast. Crafted through extensive collaboration and consultation, our plan sets forth a roadmap for preserving and promoting the rich aviation heritage of our region while fostering community engagement and sustainable growth. Explore our strategic objectives and initiatives as we work towards realizing our mission of celebrating and sharing our aviation history with the world.