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Welcome to the early days of our online collection at the Mount Gambier Aviation Museum, where we’re on a digital journey to preserve and share the rich tapestry of our historical treasures. In these initial stages, we’re at the threshold of a profound undertaking—to digitise and immortalise artifacts, memories, and stories that constitute our cultural heritage. Join us in this transformative endeavour! Whether you’re passionate about history, have a knack for preservation, or possess materials that resonate with our mission, we encourage your involvement. Whether it’s photographs, documents, artifacts, or personal narratives, each contribution adds a layer to the mosaic of our shared history. If you’re a custodian of historical gems waiting to be unveiled, reach out. Your materials can become integral chapters in our digital narrative, collectively weaving a tapestry that transcends time and connects communities. Thank you for being with us at the genesis of this digital odyssey—let’s turn the pages of history together, one digitized artifact at a time.

Our online collection is currently in development, with more items to be added as we progress. Stay tuned for updates!